10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Budtender

Are you new to the cannabis world? Whether you’re looking to try the best marijuana edibles for the first time, unsure of the correct dosage you should be consuming or just looking for the best types of edibles at dispensaries near you, chances are your budtender has probably been asked before and will know the answer! 

Visitors often under-utilize the knowledge and expertise of the budtenders behind the counter. However, if you’re looking for a personal, customized experience you’ll want to take advantage of this missed opportunity and chat it up with your budtender on your next visit. Not only do they know (and have most likely tried) the product, but they can also help you find the best cannabis products from thc-infused drinks to edible gummies and chocolate bar edibles to flower, vapes, and more products that fit your needs and lifestyle best.

To help you help your budtender, we’ve compiled the top 10 questions you need to ask your budtender on your next visit!

1. What’s new?

As far as what comes into the dispensary and then flies off the shelves – your budtenders know best. That means they know the best quality brands of flower, vape and edibles brands as well as the freshest product and more importantly why it’s so popular. 

2. What’s your favorite terpene profile?

Terpenes are present across all strains of cannabis and cannabis products. They are unique to each kind of plant and are responsible for the aromas and flavors of your favorite strains. Because terpenes also determine effects of a strain, personalizing your experience is the perfect way to start a recommendation. 

3. What fits in my price range? 

No matter which dispensary you frequent you will most likely see several different tiers of products on display. While you may not want the most cheap edible or flower available, knowing your budget can help a budtender narrow down exactly what is available that will best fit your needs while keeping the purchase affordable. 

4. Will a certain type of product or strain suit an activity?

Your plans for the day after consuming the product may affect the type of strain or product you choose. Whether you’re staying home having a night in, or hiking, swimming or attending an event like a concert – make sure you ask for personal experiences to get the best idea of how the product may work for you. For example, while Haha Gummies Blue Raspberry sativa gummies are delicious, different strain types like indica or sativa may be best suited for different activities.

5. Do you have any specials or discounts?
When shopping for any type of cannabis, whether it’s flower, concentrates, vapes, CBD edibles or THC edibles it’s always worth asking for! Most dispensaries in Las Vegas have either specials, discounts or a loyalty program where you can earn deals as you go and may save you some trips driving back to the dispensary.

 6. How is cannabis grown and cultivated?

Knowing how your cannabis is grown and what goes into the cannabis that makes up your favorite products is essential! While the budtenders can help you answer these questions you should always look  for clearly labelled packaging and know how to read it as well. If you aren’t up to speed, ask your budtender – they can help!

7. How long will the effects last? 

 The answer to this question depends on the type of marijuana and method of how it is consumed. While smoking flower, a concentrate or from a vaporizer provides instantaneous effects, eating (and waiting for an edible to digest) may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to feel an effect and may last several hours. This will also vary depending on the dosage and from person to person. Always ask your budtender for their recommendations and if they have experience with a certain product you are considering and look for products like our Haha Fruit Punch Gummies that are precisely dosed! Here are some more useful resources we put together to help determine how long the effects of an edible takes to kick-in and may last. 

 8. What are the effects like? 

The effects of a strain will largely depend on composition of the plant it was created from, so it’s always a good idea to go over things like THC and CBD percentages, terpene profiles and cannabinoids with your budtender. However, because everyone may have a different experience, ask your budtender if they have any experience with the effects of a particular strain or product. This can be helpful to gauge what it may feel like for you and especially helpful to medical marijuana patients that require certain strain characteristics.

9. How discreet is this product?

 Keep in mind when choosing a product how discreet you will need your cannabis consumption to be. This factor will help you make an informed and smart decision on which type of product you try. While a concentrate will be perfect for those who have no worries about consuming discreetly with their rig, it may not be the best choice for a visitor or those who share spaces with others that may not appreciate cannabis vapor or smoke. In that case you can try edible weed gummies or beverages like Haha Grape Gummies or a Haha Lemon sparkling water. You can also try other edible treats, tinctures, vapes, transdermals or even topical forms of cannabis. 

10. How do I use this product?

Once you have decided on a product, ask your budtender if there is anything you should know about how to use it! They can give you the best ways to use and consume edibles and may have first-hand experiences on certain products from dispensary edibles, to concentrates, to vaping, to flower and pre-rolls and more. 
Keep these tips and questions in mind the next time you visit your favorite Las Vegas dispensary! Whether it’s your first time using cannabis or you consider yourself a cannaseur these ten questions will help you help your budtender find the best product that fits your needs and lifestyle. Find your favorite Las Vegas edibles, like Haha Edibles and Beverages at stores near you. Visit in-store or order for curbside pickup and home delivery 24/7 at Planet 13 and Medizin or find Haha Edibles near you at other las vegas dispensaries by visiting our website.

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