How Long Do Edibles Take To Kick In?

The Las Vegas marijuana edibles market has grown and evolved exponentially in just the first few years of the city’s marijuana industry. From brownies and cookies to chocolate bars, gummies and even thc-infused sodas, edibles brand’s recipes have certainly evolved. As recipes have become more refined so have the edible marijuana testing methods to ensure a precise edible marijuana dosage in each product. Gone are the days of guessing the dosage in your cannabis-infused treats, but for some knowing how long their THC edibles will kick in is still unpredictable.

Edibles Starting Dose: Start Low and Go Slow

If you’re still trying to find your perfect dose, the first place to start is with the recommended serving size. For an average person, the recommended dosage is 10 mg. However, some edibles contain between 100 mg and 500 mg and this can create problems for those who do not know the recommended dose to take. Our hand-crafted Haha Gummies come in bags that contain 100 mg in total, but with our precise process of crafting our gummies we can ensure each gummy has an equal dose of THC.

When it comes to finding your correct dose, the golden rule is to start low and go slow! Start with 5 mg or 10 mg  and wait to feel any effects. Different individuals may start to feel the effects of edibles at different times depending on factors such as digestion and body chemistry. Always wait the recommended time frame of 45 minutes to 2 hours to see effects. 

Edible Dosage mg Chart
Here  you’ll find a chart that describes typical effects of cannabis based on how many milligrams of THC it contains. When choosing an edible, always look for labelling and dosage like our clearly labeled and delicious Haha Gummies 1:1 Sour Gummies Grapefruit CBD edibles.

THC Per Dose1 – 2.5 mg2.5 – 15 mg15 – 30 mg30 – 50 mg50 – 100 mg
What to ExpectMild relief of pain, stress, anxiety, and other symptoms.

Improved focus and creativity. 
Stronger symptom relief

May impair coordination and alter perception
Strong Euphoria

Unaccustomed consumers may experience unwanted side effects

May impair coordination and alter perception
Very strong euphoria in unaccustomed customers

Likely to impair coordination and alter perception
Highly likely to impair coordination and alter perception

Can cause negative side effects such as rapid heart rate, nausea, and pain. 
Who’s it For? First-time consumers

Patients with persistent problems

Restless sleepers

Social Butterflies
Well-seasoned consumers

Medical patients with developed tolerances

Experienced consumers seeking to sustain sleep 
Consumers who have poor GI absorption of cannabinoids

People with significant tolerance to THC
For experienced THC individuals only

Patients with cancer, inflammatory disorders, or conditions that necessitate high doses

Things to Keep in Mind When Trying Cannabis Edibles

There are some factors that may help you determine when an edible is likely to kick-in, like digestion and metabolism as we mentioned earlier. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind when you’re adding a dose of Haha edibles to your day.

  1. Indulging on an empty stomach may speed up effects: If you consume edibles on an empty stomach there is a chance that you may feel the effects faster. However, this can still  vary person to person and eating a small amount of food before consuming an edible is a good idea if you do not want intense effects.

    However, eating food about 10 – 15 minutes after ingesting the edible, if already on an empty stomach can increase the speed of effects as well. Putting more food on top of the edible can help push it through the digestion process to feel results faster.
  2. How it’s made: Cannabutter, Concentrates or Cannabis-Oil: Knowing what type of method was used to create your edible can help determine how long it may take to set in. When edibles are created with premium cannabis oil like Haha Gummies Fruit Punch it becomes much easier for chef’s to know the correct dosage of the edible and increase confidence when it comes to finding out the set-in time.
  3. Be patient: While you won’t die from over indulgence of cannabis edibles, you can over do it. Just remember to be patient while waiting to feel the effects!

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