Do Marijuana Edibles Give You a Hangover?

Marijuana is harmless, but just like any other drug, it has its side effects. Among the side effects is a mild hangover similar to an alcohol hangover. So you can now stop treating the edible hangover as speculation. Read on to learn more about the hangover caused by edibles and how to treat it.

What Causes Hangover After Using Edibles?

All marijuana hangovers are due to an overdose. The overdoses are worse in edibles since it takes longer for one to feel the effect. Because of this, a lot of people end up ingesting too many edibles.

Professionally manufactured edibles have a specific amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in them. Therefore, taking too many marijuana edibles will undoubtedly lead to an overdose. Going too hard, too fast, and “creeper” highs are the main reason why cannabis hangovers are more familiar with edibles.

What Are the Symptoms of Edibles Hangover?

Symptoms of a marijuana hangover are a pounding head, vertigo, fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, dry eyes and mouth, grogginess, and even mild nausea. Despite the symptoms being among the thing’s cannabis is used to combat, you should avoid THC.

The side effects of marijuana edibles tend to linger for a while. If you intend to take the edibles before you sleep, you should rest longer than you usually would.

How Do You Prevent and Treat Edibles Hangover?

Slow and moderated consumption is the best preventive measure. You should also be conscious of the THC amounts in your cannabis edibles. The manufacturers usually provide the THC amounts. Haha gummies have a potency of 100 mg in each pack as each of the ten pieces contains 10mg of THC.

The hangover is quite bearable, and they tend to resolve themselves with time. But there are also ways of treating the hangover, which include:

  • Sleeping it off
  • Avoiding THC
  • Eating food that’s gentle on your stomach
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Being active
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Take a hot shower

Haha Gummies

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