How to Read a Label on Dispensary Edibles

Happiness is such a curious phenomenon that scientists have been trying for years to pinpoint its exact location in our DNA. What they have discovered so far is that we humans contain gene variants associated with feelings of well-being. We love that! It means everyone is born with the potential to be happy. At Haha Edibles, our CBD edibles are intended to inspire the maximum possible happiness. Before you purchase cannabis edibles, we recommend you know how to read a label at a dispensary.

Labels for Types of Edibles at Dispensaries

The label requirements for marijuana edibles varies by state and there are no federal regulations. States with licensed adult-use and medical cannabis systems tend to provide the most informative labels on edible brands. A good label tells you:

  • The total milligrams (mg) of CBD in the entire package
  • The total milligrams (mg) of THC in the entire package
  • Serving size
  • Mgs per serving
  • Number of servings

Edible Gummies Servings

The edible label should tell you exactly what is meant by a serving. Although there is no standard dose of CBD, state-licensed and medical cannabis systems generally establish one dose of CBD at 10 mg. If you are reading an edible weed gummies label, look for this:

  • How many THC edibles are considered a serving size? For example, one gummie is a common serving size.)
  • How much CBD is in a serving? For example, 10 mg per serving.
  • How much THC is in a serving? For example, 10 mg per serving.

CBD Oil Source for the Best Edible Cannabis 

It is also helpful to know the source of the CBD in your edibles. It is derived from cannabis plants or industrial hemp and included in the best quality products as:

  • Full spectrum — contains multiple cannabis plant extracts
  • Broad spectrum — contains a range of extract but not THC
  • CBD isolate — the pure crystal form of CBD without THC

Products such as our Blue Raspberry Gummies are made with oil from the Cannabis plant. The recipe for our Grape Gummies includes oil from the Cannabis plant too. The oil from each type of plant has unique botanical properties due to its native origins and cultivation methods.

Where to Find Edibles

Now that you understand what goes into the labels on dispensary edibles, you can get down to the good stuff — your natural-born inclination to be happy! The best marijuana edibles come in flavors that will electrify your tastebuds. Look for our yummy edible marijuana products at Haha Edibles, Planet 13 and Medizin.

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