Why are Gummies the Most Popular Marijuana Edibles?

Any form of cannabis that can be absorbed through oral uptake, gastrointestinal uptake, or both are considered edible. In simpler terms, edibles are drinks or foods infused with marijuana extracts.

There are so many varieties of edibles to pick from; brownies and cookies are classic edibles, but gummies are the future. Apart from gummies being very attractive and appealing to those with a sweet tooth, other reasons are why they are becoming a hit include;

Edible Gummies Have a Long-Lasting Effect

Gummies are absorbed through the digestive tract making them slow to kick in. The delay also means that it lasts longer in your system. They also deliver more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), allowing you to enjoy the experience and relief longer than other methods.

Marijuana Gummies Are Easy to Dose

Because the sizes of many marijuana edibles are uniform and consistent, dosing is straightforward. The gummies also pass the potency test compared to other types of edibles. You are also able to keep track of the amount of THC you’ve consumed.

Gummies Can Be Consumed at Any Time

Gummies come in small packets that can fit in your pockets. The Haha gummies pack, for example, contains ten pieces weighing a total of 100 mg. Candy is taken at any time, unlike brownies or cookies, and they are ideal for first-timers.

Gummies Are Easy to Preserve

Storing edible gummies isn’t as hard as chocolate edibles or other forms of cannabis edibles. Their shelf life expectancy is high, and you can therefore buy in bulk without worrying.

Gummies Are Easy to Share

In the light of COVID-19 and other infectious infections, gummies seem to be the safest way of sharing and enjoying cannabis with friends. Passing around a vape pen or joint is a turnoff currently.

About Haha Gummies

Haha gummies aim at providing fun and fruity chewiness infused with cannabis oils that are of high quality. The gummies are available in goodie bags containing ten pieces, each dosed at 10mg.
Haha gummies are dispensary edibles and come in seven exciting flavors for you to pick. Find Haha Gummies shop near you here or visit Planet 13 and Medizin.

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