Reasons Why You Should Buy Edibles and Not Make Them

Making your weed cookies sounds like a fun experience. But is it, though?

Finding a recipe online or cookbook on Amazon is very easy. You will even find reviews on the recipes, making you think that anyone can make edibles, but it is not easy as it seems. Below are some reasons why you should buy edibles but not make edible gummies at home.

Getting the Right Edible Dosage Is Not Easy

The unknown potency of homemade edibles is very dangerous as it leads to the wrong dosage. Knowing the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) amount that you’ve extracted into the oil or butter is almost impossible while at home. Licensed edible manufacturers run several tests with sophisticated equipment while making the marijuana edibles.

Homemade edibles can either be stronger or weaker than expected. An under-dose isn’t as bad as an overdose, but you won’t experience the zeal of a perfect high. Cannabis edibles have a long-lasting effect on you, and an overdose increases this. The side effects of marijuana edibles are elevated; you might even go into a long nap scaring people.

Extracting THC

There is no THC in raw cannabis, and commonly, materials like coconut oil and butter are used in the extraction at home. You “activate” the THC by heating the oil containing the flower buds or any part of the cannabis plant; this process is called decarboxylate. The decarboxylate process is possible since THC is soluble in oil.

Despite the THC being lipid-soluble, it doesn’t bind well with specific oils. The inability to mix well reduces the amount of THC extracted for making the cannabis edibles which leads to production of low-quality edibles and wastage of the weed plant.

Haha Gummies Near Me

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These dispensary edibles come in seven exciting flavors. Click here to find edibles near me or visit Planet 13 and Medizin.

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